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Holiday Edition

The holidays are right around the corner and can be a fun time of year. However, when routines change it can be stressful for everyone involved! Here are some tips for allowing our learners to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. Be sure to share your successful tips with other families this time of year. Remember, we are a team, we care about each other, and we want to constantly improve to better the lives of our learners. If you have a tip that works for your learner let their Instructor or Program Coordinator know today.

Take note of what works

Before you go on a trip or start making plans with family, take note of what helps your child have a successful day. Pay attention to when they need some alone time. If they need to be in a large group, will they be more successful with their favorite snack on hand? If you know what environmental changes you can make, plan ahead to make the day less stressful.

Take note of what doesn't work

If your learner does not like loud noises or large groups of people, find times to be away from the crowd. Plan a movie night in with the family instead of a busy shopping mall or outing at the park with lots of people. 

Highlight success!

Don't think you have to do exactly what everyone else is doing for the holidays in order to have a great time. If your learner doesn't want to wear a costume or go door-to-door trick or treating this year maybe they would be able to pass out candy to a few people. Take the time to celebrate any attempts at something new!

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