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Welcome to the Mariposa School,

It is not unusual to be asked, “What makes your school special?”. It happens every day. Visitors, donors, stakeholders – they all want to know. The key to the Mariposa School’s special nature lies in the three aspects of its distinctive personality: evidenced based methodology, a natural school setting, and its commitment to maximizing each child’s potential. At Mariposa, science meets education creating a formula for success for children with Autism and related disabilities.


At the heart of the Mariposa School is an extraordinary group of professionals whose commitment to quality and Applied Behavior Analysis is unsurpassed. Unlike a typical school or clinic setting, Mariposa offers intensive ABA psychological services in a setting that maximizes peer socialization opportunities and a natural educational environment to supplement or prepare children for public school. This is the hallmark of the Mariposa experience, one that draws interest from families who come from all over the world to enroll. Serving children beginning at 18 months of age, the Mariposa recipe for success has benefited children across the spectrum for over a decade.


Mariposa is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, non-public school who relies on an Early Childhood Intervention State Grant, insurance, tuition, donations, and fundraising to make services possible. Please take the time to call and schedule a tour today, and see for yourself why a butterfly is a fitting and appropriate metaphor.



Mariposa School


To request more information contact us: 


Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm


Tours Available Daily




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