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Additional Resources



      Chris Wensil, BCaBA



  -  Language assessment and intervention tool that is effective for teaching children and adults to communicate.

  -  Provide information on B.F. Skinner's (1957) analysis of language.

  -  Board Certified Behavior Analyst experienced in designing learning enviroments for people with Autism and other learning        disabilities.

  -  Provides comprehensive therapy fact sheets, daily update of Autism therapy research and news, and is a global directory of      Autism related therapists and services.

  -  Provides support and promotes opportunities that enhance the lives of individuals within the autism spectrum and their            families.

  -  Professional reference group in North Carolina.

  -  ASAT is a not-for-profit organization of parents and professionals working toward the goal of establishing higher standard        of accountability for the care, education, treatment of all individuals with autism.







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